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Red Anchor Photo / Sarina Cass specializes in wedding, newborn, family, food and lifestyle photography in Los Angeles California and New York.

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Leslie & Pat: A Sneak Peek

“Once we come into our self, our real selves, we’re able to hold onto ourselves, and you cannot go back.” Velveteen Rabbit

When one of your favorite wedding planners, Amy Champagne, contacts you and says "I have a perfect wedding and couple for you," generally you believe them. But my expectations were blown into the wind when I met Leslie & Pat. Sweet, humble, elegant and in love they are. Their wedding, with the creative genius of Amy's team, reflected those qualities joined with the essence of a beautiful fall day in New England. 

Elmer & Reed: Ojai, CA

Since my move to California I have felt overwhelmed by the beauty around. Even more so in the people I have met, open to creativity, collaboration and love. All this was confirmed working with Elmer and Reed on their wedding, from start to finish it was clear how much these two worked as and in a partnership of love. I felt honored to be a witness to this most magical day in the mountains of Ojai. Thank you. Years and years of love you two!!