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Reina + Keith + Jude = Family

I went to college with both Keith and Reina. Keith was across the hall from me in Emerson (best dorm ever!) our sophomore year. One day in our Theories of Photography class, Reina leaned over to me and said "You know Keith, right? I have a super crush on him." And now, many, many years later (12!) little Jude is born. So, so amazing to see my friends grow as people in this world together and now parents. So much love.

Breastfeeding on the Second Try...

I'm so inspired by the words of Brandi Jackson and proud to work with Well Rounded NY. There is so much "mom guilt" these days, so many streams of influence and channels to host your opinions (and/or judgements).  We have to open our hearts and realize that the common thread is love, everyone's doing the best they can with what they have.  

Worth the visit to Well Rounded for the full read. 

Little angel Josephine

It was truly a joy waking up and spending my Saturday morning with these beautiful people. Grandmother, Daughter, Granddaughter, three generations of strong, smart, beautiful women. I'm humbled every day.