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Red Anchor Photo / Sarina Cass specializes in wedding, newborn, family, food and lifestyle photography in Los Angeles California and New York.

Siblings and magical woods...

Sometimes it can be hard to get up extra early on a Sunday.  But then I get to where I'm going and am reminded every time what I do what I do.  Look at these two!  Such fun and wonder strolling through the magical woods. Just perfection.

Little Ruby turns one

What can I say, I love my job! This little gem, Ruby, turned one, and I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful, colorful event!  If every moment looked and felt like this in life we would be golden.  X

Shop-Up Photo booth!

Photo Booth pics are here!  Please email me at sarina@redanchorphoto.com for a link to the full gallery.  I could not have had a better two days with Shop-Up and The Lombardi House here in LA. Everyone was so beautiful and happy and talented and just perfect! Thank you for sharing your little ones joy with me.  Makes my days bright!

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