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Red Anchor Photo / Sarina Cass specializes in wedding, newborn, family, food and lifestyle photography in Los Angeles California and New York.

Newborn in the neighborhood...

I can't say enough about this beautiful family. Referred  through a mutual friend I immediately wanted to set up a grill and start BBQ'ing and drink some rose.  Part of the joy of my job is exploring new places, this happened to be Glassell Park and meeting new people. Sometimes really new, like Ezra here! Just a little peanut in the world. Thank you for letting me into your house and sharing your love with me. 

Sperm doner to Daddy

It's always an honor working with WellRoundedNY and even more so when the people I get to work with the the stories I'm part of truly inspire me and I know will inspire and educate those beyond.  Please check out this beautiful story of love and father hood at WellRounded,  We all need a little love and hope these days, hold on to the good stuff. 

Leslie & Pat: A Sneak Peek

“Once we come into our self, our real selves, we’re able to hold onto ourselves, and you cannot go back.” Velveteen Rabbit

When one of your favorite wedding planners, Amy Champagne, contacts you and says "I have a perfect wedding and couple for you," generally you believe them. But my expectations were blown into the wind when I met Leslie & Pat. Sweet, humble, elegant and in love they are. Their wedding, with the creative genius of Amy's team, reflected those qualities joined with the essence of a beautiful fall day in New England.