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Los Angeles Dessert Goals!

OMG Dessert! I had SOOO much fun photographing Dessert Goals Los Angeles at the Cooper Design Space downtown.  My only issues, was I didn't eat enough!  The girls organizing this event have an amazing eye for color and community and everyone, old and young has a smile on their face ear to ear.  I think at the end of the day we all really do want to be children again eating cotton candy and ice cream. I mean, come on!  XO

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Happy birthday Wesley!

I loved little birthday parties!  I showed up to this party and everyone was in such good sprite; the grill going and cold beers in the cooler (not for the little ones of course).  Wesley's parents were so excited to share this day with their close friends and family and just have a nice relaxing afternoon of it.  It's everything! And, yes, I did have some cake!