a wild love for the world...

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Red Anchor Photo / Sarina Cass specializes in wedding, newborn, family, food and lifestyle photography in Los Angeles California and New York.

For those who have a wild love for the world!

Sarina from red anchor photo here. we're a team of two based in los angeles and new york. we would love to hear about your love, but first let us tell you a bit about ours:

We want to share our wild love for the world with you! this world is full of untouchable magic (in the lightness and the darkness) and that beauty is the true fabric of life. We get super excited when our clients gush over both the little details of styling and strive to live in ethereal moments of life.  

Some of our favorite things include throwing pizza parties, watering plants, collecting sun prisms, skipping the small talk, saturday mornings lying in bed with our kitties (yes we all have them), road trips to new places and people, staring at the marvelous reflections, colors and shadows of our world – my personal goal, is to float in every ocean there ever was. :)

We believe in all love between all people and for this world we live in. So this year, 2017, we’ve chosen to donate a portion of your purchase to one of three organizations of your choosing.

Any package $2,500 or more will amount to a 5% donation

Under $2,500 will amount to a 3% donation

We don’t arrive with big gadgets, all that is needed is already there with you and the world around. Digital is the medium we use most often, though we love experimenting with film if you are open.

Red anchor photo is here to give you exactly what you want: a representation of your love, whatever form that takes, as you see it.

We come in joy, honored to be part of that which you wish captured.